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Winona County Soil & Water Conservation District

 P.O. Box 39, 400 Wilson Street

 Lewiston, MN 55952

 Phone: (507) 523-2171 Ext. 3

Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment

On November 4, 2008 Minnesota voters approved a Constitutional Amendment to increase the tax rate by 3/8 percent through the year 2034.  This amendment is called the “Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment.”

The purpose of the Amendment is to:

Protect drinking water resources

Protect, enhance, and restore wetlands, prairies, forests, and fish, game, and wildlife habitat

Preserve arts and cultural heritage

Support parks and trails

And protect, enhance, and restore lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater


Other technical and financial assistance not listed above may be available through our office.  Programs and funding can vary widely from year to year.  Please contact us with any questions.

State Cost-Share

The State Cost-Share program is administered locally by the Winona County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).  This program assists landowners financially and technically in the installation of conservation practices that reduce erosion, control sedimentation or improve and protect water quality to ensure the sustainable use of Minnesota’s natural resources.  These objectives of the  approved practices may include, but are not limited to, activities that:

Control nutrient run-off

Stabilize critical erosive areas

Divert runoff to protect and improve water quality

Reduce wind erosion

Control gully, rill or sheet erosion

Protect shore land from erosion

Control storm water runoff

Protect or improve surface and groundwater quality

SWCD Assistance for Local, State and Federal Cost-Share Programs

Site investigations

Determine the best type of practice

Survey and design of practice

Provide landowners with a design plan

Produce a cost estimate

Perform a pre-construction conference

Supervise construction

Certify the practice for payment

Typical Cost Share Practices

Grade Stabilization Structures (ponds)

Water and Sediment Control Structures (ponds)

Grassed Waterways

Cover Crops


Native Buffers (Prairie Plantings)

Streambank Stabilization

Well Sealing

Feedlot Fixes: storage systems, picket fences, filter strips, milkhouse waste management...

Cost share applications are taken year around, approval of practices are determined by the Winona County SWCD Board of Supervisors and available dollars.

Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment Minnesota's Legacy; Watch the Progress Local Capacity Services Cost-Share Policy Well Sealing Cost-Share Policy Cooperative Weed Management Cost-Share Policy BWSR Invasive Non-Native Species Policy State Cost-Share & Cover Crop Cost-Share Policy